How do I get my newborn to sleep?

Newborn babies have a lot of energy and can be awake for long periods of time, but it is important for them to get enough sleep to support their growth and development. Here are some tips to help get your newborn to sleep:

Establish a bedtime routine: A consistent bedtime routine can help your newborn learn when it is time to sleep. This can include things like giving them a bath, reading a book, and singing a lullaby.

Keep the room dark and quiet: Newborns are sensitive to light and noise, so it is important to create a dark and quiet environment for them to sleep in. You can use blackout curtains or a sleep mask to block out light and use a white noise machine to help drown out any background noise.

Swaddle your newborn: Swaddling is a technique where you wrap your newborn in a blanket to help them feel secure and comfortable. This can help them sleep better and reduce the risk of them waking up due to their own startle reflex.

Hold your newborn: Some newborns may be comforted by being held and rocked. This can be especially helpful for newborns who are experiencing colic or have difficulty falling asleep on their own.

Try a pacifier: A pacifier can help soothe and calm your newborn, which can make it easier for them to fall asleep. Just be sure to follow safe pacifier use guidelines to reduce the risk of choking.

Don’t overstimulate your newborn: While it can be tempting to play with your newborn or keep them entertained, it is important to give them the opportunity to rest and sleep. Avoid overstimulating activities before bedtime and try to create a calm and peaceful environment for them to sleep in.
By following these tips, you can help your newborn get the sleep they need to grow and thrive.






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